March 3, 2020

"Affinie's story began in March 2020, when our lifestyles were completely turned upside down. By dint of staying at home, I had the need to feel good in my cocoon. This went through a new decoration that looks like me, to please me tastefully and above all to take care of myself. I used an incalculable number of candles. I then wondered about the origin of the candles I was using, which were all made of paraffin. Paraffin is a petroleum derivative and many researchers warn of health problems that it can cause in high doses.From that moment, I decided to create my own candles, based on natural ingredients, each having beneficial specificities."

Affinie was born.

Lucie Taleb, founder of Affinie Paris.

Love, Friendship, Affinie

Def. affinity for small daily pleasures.

Friendship, love, a moment of sharing, a feeling of well-being in an intimate and warm environment, in short, French hygge.

Affinie is more than a brand, it's a philosophy, an art, our art of living the simple pleasures of everyday life.

La Maison Affinie

Our space for testing, creation,
of development, a place of life, inspiration and comfort. A great place to create ideal products.

Paris VI

At the heart of eco-responsibility

Through the design of our candles, the choice of our supplies to the packaging and sending of our products.

The goal is to find a craft to which we are all attached, in the shortest possible circuit in terms of environmental issues. We do not mass produce but only according to the availability of ingredients. It may be that we are out of stock at certain times of the year or that we offer you pre-order.

Our Affinie candles, Made in Paris

Exclusively hand-poured in our small workshop in the 6th arrondissement, our candles are natural, made from superior quality soybeans, of European and certified origin, accompanied by a beautiful organic cotton wick and blended with beautiful floral scents and plants from Grasse.

Grasse, an olfactory love

It was inconceivable for us not to choose scents from Grasse, the eldorado of floral and vegetal senses of which we are so proud. Our scents are selected according to three criteria: natural origin, without CMR or phthalate .
Our perfumes are therefore limited, but these criteria were essential for us in order to provide you with an eco-responsible scented candle for your well-being during daily use.

Affinian at heart

If you too recognize yourself through our values, you are part of the Affinian world. All you have to do is take the plunge and choose your ideal companion. Share your daily adventures with us on Instagram!